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Our Team

Caitlin Raaz

Caitlin Raaz is a pediatric speech-language pathologist and assistant professor at the University of Northern Colorado.  She has many years of experience working in early intervention treating a variety of speech and language issues. She believes that the most meaningful way to make progress in speech therapy is to empower parents so that they can implement strategies and techniques independently within the home. She also believes strongly in the power of play and play-based therapy. In both her clinical work and research activities, her primary goal is to develop and implement novel treatment approaches to ensure children and their families are receiving the most effective and efficient treatment possible. 

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Bethany DeJarnatt

Bethany DeJarnatt, is a pediatric occupational therapist, parent educator and children’s yoga instructor. She has many years of experience working with families with children in the areas of sensory modulation, functional visual skills, and supporting developmental skills. She has completed additional training in children’s yoga, mindfulness based stress reduction, infant massage and visual processing interventions. She is passionate about educating parents with tangible information to empower them. Bethany encourages mindfulness as a tool to support co-regulation; supporting families to feel empowered and engaged to build a collaborative relationship with their children.

Wendy Walz

Wendy Walz is licensed in teaching early-childhood through 6th grade as well as parent and family education. She has decades of experience in supporting parents and young children. Additionally, she has screened thousands of children at age 3 on developmental milestones while referring families to specialized services when needed. She is also trained to assess family needs during this process and makes the appropriate referrals when necessary. Throughout her career, Wendy has found her passion in teaching both the child and the family and feels inspired when she sees families learning together and parents teaching their kids. Her passion is providing families with support to be the first and most important teacher to their children.


Candi Seil 


Candi Seil has a broad career of working as a college professor, in the healthcare industry, working with families and running the Let’s Talk Kids business. She is passionate about supporting learners of all ages. As the parent of two young children, she has found great joy in practicing mindfulness while raising her children. She believes in the power of positive affirmations and spending time with family. Most recently, she has taken “The Science of WellBeing” course through Yale University to learn more about the positive effects we can have on our minds and hearts.

Cinnamin Theisen

Cinnamin Theisen is a licensed Early Childhood Teacher and Parent Educator. Her work experience includes being a preschool teacher and working with families as a parent educator. She holds an infant massage certificate and is trained in Early Childhood Screening. As a mom of two school-age children, she learns new parenting strategies and lesson ideas everyday and practices these with her kids. Additionally, Cinnamin knows the power of mindfulness in parenting and for self-care first hand as she practices daily with a gratitude journal and by attending webinars. She is currently creating a mindfulness curriculum to use with parent groups. She believes mindfulness helps to center oneself to be the best support for children. She will also use a play based curriculum focusing on using household items to teach your child. She affirms that parents are the first and most important teachers and they can't have too many resources during their child's formative years. Cinnamin is excited for Baby Know to strengthen the bond between baby and parents while providing resources to be an extraordinary family.


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