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Connecting with the Visual Environment with Your Infant

By Bethany DeJarnatt, MOT, OTR/L

During the parenting journey, your sense of vision becomes a powerful way of establishing a bond with your baby. As the Vision Instructor for the BABY KNOW: Bodies, Hearts and Minds course (, I will invite you to join me to review how vision may be used to connect and create a special understanding that develops between you and your baby as you learn about the world of sight together.

Your baby and the realm of visual inquiry are closely intertwined. Your infant turns to you from the earliest stages of infancy for direction, comfort, and understanding. As your baby grows, the outside world opens up for creativity and learning. You provide curiosity and imagination by opening doors to a world of sensory experiences.

Visual experiences help you and your baby communicate love more deeply emotionally by acting as a language of love. Every visual experience you have together deepens your relationship. The shared experience of seeing creates a bond between you and your baby that extends beyond words and opens hearts.

By means of these visual moments, you cultivate in your infant a sense of wonder and awe, establishing a lifetime appreciation for the beauty of their surroundings. It becomes clear that you are taking part in a shared adventure of connection and discovery as you watch their eyes light up with enthusiasm and interest.

You and your baby discover a language of connection in the visual world that expresses the richness of your bond and the depths of your shared experience. Recall the strength of your bond and the wonder inherent in even the most basic visual encounters as you travel through the miracles of sight together. Ultimately, it's not just about what you perceive; it's also about the connection you create as you discover the world from each other's perspectives.

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