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Flourish: My word for 2024

By Candi Seil, MPP


Instead of a New Year’s resolution, my friend and I challenged one another to choose a word of the year to capture what we wanted to accomplish in the year ahead.  We use this word as a guidepost on what we want to focus on during the year.  When I am feeling a bit unclear of next steps, I remind myself of this word and the intention which immediately brings me back to focus. 


This year, my word is flourish. 


According to the Oxford language, the meaning of flourish is:




1)     (of a person, animal, or other living organism) grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment. "wild plants flourish on the banks of the lake"


2)     develop rapidly and successfully. "the organization has continued to flourish"




1)    an instance of suddenly performing or developing in an impressively successful way.

"the Bulldogs produced a late second-half flourish"


When I think about the numerous things we are seeking to accomplish with BABY KNOW to uplift and support parents to be their best to create loving environments where babies thrive and develop, flourish seems like the perfect word.  As parents, you are creating the environment to stimulate your baby and succeed together.  You are developing the environment to flourish.

At BABY KNOW, we are on track to release our updated online parenting program in the next few months.  The program is beautiful in so many ways.  We feature new instructors, loving families and highlight babies completing development activities which we encourage our learners to try with their babies.  We coach parents in supporting their personal wellbeing through mindfulness mediations, and affirmation statements.  The program also coaches parents how to develop their baby’s body (large motor, fine motor, vision) and mind (academic learning and school readiness) using best practices.   All of this education is for parents and babies to learn, grow and flourish together. 


We are working with high school students to provide access to career opportunities through working on our social media and video productions.  They are learning career exploration and flourishing with real world learning. 


BABY KNOW is conducting three pilot programs to allow parents and babies to flourish together.  We are eager to publish and share these results in 2024. 


As you read this message, it is my intention that you find your word for 2024 for yourself, your family and/or your career.  Whatever you desire.  Take some time to find the perfect word for you.  Then, use it as your guidepost to help you achieve your dreams and uplift yourself and your family in the year ahead.


I look forward to flourishing together in the year ahead!   


© 2024, BABY KNOW

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