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Honor your greatness as a parent

By Candi (Walz) Seil


Parents, I know we are all pulled in numerous directions throughout the day.  You might be getting ready for the day when your baby starts crying or needs to be fed.  RIGHT now.  Your day can change in an instant.


As an Affirmation Instructor for the BABY KNOW: Bodies, Hearts and Minds course (, we teach that starting your day with gratitude and a simple affirmation can change the outlook of your day or morning.  I encourage you to try this now.


Put your hand on your heart. Say to yourself, “I am a great caregiver for my baby.”  Take in a deep breath.  Repeat this process.  Say again, “I am a great caregiver for my baby.”  Take in a deep breath and feel the energy this provides to your body. 

Now, repeat the process and state WHY you are a great caregiver.  Share that you got your baby ready for the day.  Congratulate yourself for everyone getting fed.  Celebrate your fun moments of playing together.  Honor the rest you got during the night.  Look for small ways to honor your greatness!


When we intentionally take the time to uplift ourselves as caregivers, we can be better for to ourselves, our babies and our families. 


I encourage you to look for big and small moments to honor what you are doing to care for yourself, your baby, your family and the community.  Make it a great day to honor yourself as a caregiver!


© 2024, BABY KNOW

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